Hall Of Fame

1st. places:

Ledňáček - CAS (Champion foals)
Il Risorgimento Iberians (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Amant Gris Other Breeds (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Amant Gris - exhibition at ranch Black Diamond, winter
Scary Jumper exhibition at ranch Black Diamond, summer
Follow Jumper (PS November 2010, Thoroughbreds)
Dolce Vita (PS November 2010, Ponies)
Follow Jumper (PS January 2o11, SM Thoroughbred)
Me To You (PS Jan 2o11, Fantasy)
Sliding For My Life - CLS 2011 AQH SM
Shall We Play - CLS 2011 Performance SM Racing
Tinkley Smart Bonita - CLS 2011 Performance Western SM, Reserve grand champion
Sunny Day Peter Stone others, NYLS 2012
Sunny Day Breyer Competition 2011, PS Others
Green Day New Year's Live show (NYLS) 2012, Stablemates foals
Leslie skit Breyer Competition (BC) 2011
Big Red performance racing BC 2011
2nd. places:
Ledňáček - Fun Day SM (17.4.2010)
Ledňáček - CAS (Reserve champion foals)
Sliding for my life - SCABHBPS Stablemates 2010
Twenty Achal Teke (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Wolkie Tolkie Heavy Horses (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Little Honey Dun It The Best Photos (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Ice Coffee Youngstock (Photo Show ranch Silvera, Nov. 2010)
Scary Jumper Hobby show jumping (Jana Š.)
Blacky Black (November 2010, Black)
Blacky Black (PS November 2010, Heavy Horses)
Mandarino (PS November 2010, APH)
Twenty (PS November 2010, Buckskin)
Blacky Black (PS Jan 2o11, Black)
Sliding for my Life (PS Jan 2o11, Buckskin)
Il Risorgimento (PS Jan 2o11, performance Dressage)
Tinkley Smart Bonita (PS Jan 2o11, performance, Horsemanship)
Energis - CLS 2011 SM Thoroughbred
Fox Valley Oliver - CLS 2011 Schleich Custom
Green Day - CLS 2011 AQH SM
Maroco - CLS 2011 Draft SM
GG Pralinka - CBG 2011 Paradressage - first round
GG Pralinka - CBG 2011 Paradressage - second round
Scary Jumper BC 2011 Tradi Ponies
Ethaen BC 2011 Tradi Custom
Adagio NYLS 2012 Tradi foals
Catalin V NYLS 2012 Tradi
Catalin V BC 2011
Catalin V Autumn Live Show 2011
Green Day BC 2011 SM Foals
Tobby BC 2011 SM Drafts